“Springtime in Damascus” Crossword puzzle- Print to Play!

By Peyton Husband
Business Manager


1. Home of the Jimmies.
3. Who will be Crowned _____?
5. Pack a _____ and Hike up to Sugar Loaf!
6. Common Illness All High School Seniors Experience.
8. Dance the Night Away at _____.
10. _____ Swarmin’ Hornets.
11. Go on an _____ Egg Hunt!
12. April Showers Bring May _____.

2. College Basketball Tournament.
4. Anymore Snow Days and _____ will Get Cut Short.
7. Mascot of March.
9. America’s Favorite Pastime.




Positive Moments Occurring During the First Part of 2018

By Leanne Gotard
Staff Writer

Our new year 2018 will have highs and lows just like any other year, but why not focus on the positives? From down syndrome millionaires to cancer curing celebrities, our world is becoming a better place everyday. Even our own celebrities are helping out the less fortunate and ill.

A mother, Gemma Nuttall, in England, had been fighting three types cancer before Titanic stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up to raise money for treatment costs after seeing her plea on a GoFundMe campaign. Dicaprio and Winslet had raised a whopping $420,000 needed for Nuttalls treatment, clearing her from all cancer in her body after being told she had 6-9 months to live. With the amazing donation, Gemma is now able to raise her child and have a successful future. “I feel so blessed that I could help,” Winslet said.

Gemma Nuttall is not the only one who faced previous challenges but never let the challenges stop them. John Cronin, a down syndrome man, has created a million dollar business based off of selling socks. Cronin hires workers with other disabilities, giving them the opportunity to help make a difference in their lives. Every package of socks that Cronin sells includes a special note from him. His goal is to produce his socks in a way that will make the customer smile, enjoy their brand new socks, and laugh based off of two pieces of clothing, and it is working too! Cronin proves that no matter who you are or what type of disability you have, you are capable of anything.

These are just a few examples of the amazing things that have occurred so far this year, and many more positives to come. Our world is changing and developing everyday for the better and becoming a beautiful and inspirational place to live.

johns socks.png
John’s Socks company.
Photo copurtesy of sunnyskyz.com

Making The Most Out of a Short Spring Break

By Jamie Lovo
Staff Writer

When students come back to school from winter break, one of the first things they ask is “how many days until spring break?” The exciting part is that spring break is only a few weeks away. Although the countdown has just started, plans are already being made.

The most important thing is to get all of your homework out of the way. This will benefit you in the end, and when other kids are stressing out on the last day, you have more days to relax.

Spring break is also the perfect time to go on a college visit. Spend days on a campus to actually get a feel for the place. It’s also nice to explore the area of the college and be a tourist for a day or two.

Pack your bags and go on a road trip. Hang out with friends and go away for a weekend. Ocean City is not a long drive from Damascus or, if you’re looking for a fun road trip destination, New York would be the perfect place to spend spring break. With all the events that go on in the city, there are plenty of activities to make your time there worthwhile.

If you’d rather stay home out and sleep in, eat a big breakfast. Take some time off for yourself and get caught up on your favorite Netflix show. Spend time with family and friends and just chill at home. Now is a perfect time for spring cleaning and getting rid of winter clothes that you’ve worn one too many times already. You could also re-decorate your room. Make it whatever you want it to be and add some spring decor to spice things up a little.

There are also a lot places nearby that you could visit. Sugarloaf Mountain is a short drive away and it is an easy workout for the day. In fact, spring break is the perfect time to start working out and going to the gym if you want to get your summer body in check. Eating three meals a day and cleaning up your lifestyle would be made easier without the added stress of school.

The point is to relax and don’t stress. Take a bath or a long, hot shower. Whatever makes you feel at ease, do it. This way, when you come back to school the following week, you will feel ready to take on the rest of the school year.

“Black Panther” Hits Theaters

By Thomas Werking
Staff Writer

The release of Marvels new hero movie “Black Panther” has lots of hype behind its release. Black Panthers first big screen appearance was in “Captain America: Civil War”. Chadwick Boseman is taking on the role of Black Panther followed by tons of other very talented actors and actresses.

Disney has done it again with making a hero movie with the first few reviews that have come out and critics seem are praising the movie giving high ratings and have a rotten tomato score of 97% and an 87% on metacritic. Along with the soundtrack to the movie have artist like Kendrick Lamar, SZA and many other very talented artist. The high points that the critics are talking about are the social views on the movie and with the diverse cast the movie has this African culture around it and having the film being released in Black history month is almost perfect.

“Black Panther” was given a PG-13 rating so this would be a great for date night, family movie trip, friends hanging out, or just to go see if you love hero movies and get ready for the next Avengers movie and don’t forget to stay after for the credits to see if you get a Marvel Easter egg. This film is a must see. “Black Panther” is for everyone no matter what your views are. The film is very inspiring and is worth the time you will enjoy the movie as you watch and it will be hard to walk away. So grab you popcorn and you large drink and maybe you some candy and get ready for the new marvel film with a run time of 2 hours and 15 minutes “Black Panther” which is out now in all theaters.

New York Fashion Week Steals the Spotlight

By McKenzie Morgan
Opinion Editor

New York Fashion Week is easily one of the most influential weeks in the fashion industries calendar. Models of various shapes and sizes line the runways to display the latest designs and show the real world what to expect for the upcoming season.

This season, New York Fashion Week began on Monday February 5 and came to an end on February 14. Everyone from Michael Kors to Calvin Klein showcased their latest collections for hundreds of bloggers, designers, celebrities, and reporters to see. Oh, and not to mention the rest of the world and the retailers that supply us with fast fashion trend for less expensive, more wearable trends.

After taking a seat on the sidelines, also known as the Internet, and analyzing literally thousands of pictures from the runways to the streets, here’s the breakdown of every piece of clothing you’ll be dying to wear come winter time.

-Unexpected outerwear was seen everywhere this season- whether it be an
oversized blazer or some fun faux fur.

-That sequined skirt you used to play dress up with… don’t be
embarrassed, pull that bad boy out, because glitter, sequins, and
sparkles are going to be making their comeback.

-The eighties are calling, neon is coming back?! It’s hard to know why
this one is choosing it’s time to shine as we get ready for the cooler
months of the year, but I suppose those winter blues will be kicked to
the curb with these bright hues!

-Plaid has always been a true classic but it’s coming in full force next
season. Get ready for pants, skirts, blazers, tees, you name it.

-Thing are getting political; the fashion world is ever evolving and
apparently, it’s totally fine to support your thoughts on your tee. I’m
all about sporting a cute graphic tee that shows the world what you’re
standing up for.

-Be bold; the fashion industry has broken every rule that was ever
invisibly ‘set’. Everything against the normal seems to be, well,

Whether you’re kicking it back and sticking to your sweats or jumping right into these latest trends, you are sure to find something that you can feel comfortable and confident in!

DIY “Catch a Leprechaun” In 7 Simple Steps

By Carly Snider
Managing Editor

With St. Patricks day approaching, people of all ages prepare to celebrate the holiday by wearing various shades of green and eating Irish cuisine. Like many holidays, St. Patty’s day has a “mascot” that many people accompany alongside that holiday, Leprechauns. Although they’re cute and small, Leprechauns are experts at being mischievous, carrying out pranks on any human in their sight. In order to keep them from inconveniencing us, it is important to create a trap. If any child (or even yourself) want to experience seeing a magical Leprechaun first hand, follow these simple steps to create a one of a kind Leprechaun trap.

Materials needed:
-Empty cereal box
-Colorful construction paper
-Gold glitter or glitter paint
-Cotton balls
-12 inch stick or dowel
-Glue stick
-A piece of string or yarn
-LOTS of Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows


1.) Begin by taping the open end of your cereal box closed. Cut open the front or back of the cereal box completely off so that the remainder of the cereal box resembles a shoe box lid. Save the cut out piece. Cover the entire box with green construction paper.

2.) Take the cut-off piece of the cereal box and cover it entirely with glue on one side. Spread out gold glitter evenly on this surface. Once dried, take the glitter-covered cardboard and cut small circles out of it, intended to resemble gold coins.

3.) Using construction paper, cut one 2-inch strip out of multiple colors to resemble a rainbow. (RED,ORANGE,YELLOW,GREEN,BLUE,PURPLE) In that order, glue the strips together by applying glue to the entire right side of each strip (except for the purple strip) going one inch inwards with the glue. Overlap the strips and press down. This creates the rainbow path that will lead the Leprechaun into the trap.

4.) Take a white piece of construction paper and cover one side of it with glue. Cover the area with cotton balls, creating clouds.

5.) In order to connect the rainbow to the clouds, glue the underside of one edge of the cloud paper and attach the rainbow to it.

6.) Scatter the gold coins and Lucky Charms Marshmallows among the clouds and along the rainbow trail. Tie the string around a stick or dowel and prop up the cereal box with it.

7.) When the Leprechaun comes near, pull the string to drop the stick and capture it! Remember, that Leprechauns are very fast, so you may not be able to see it run away once you lift the trap again!

Photo courtesy to kixcereal.com

Mr. Damascus Takes The Stage

By McKenzie Morgan
Opinion Editor

On March 9 at 7:00 p.m., Damascus High School will host its annual Mr. Damascus competition. The event is a “pageant” held each year, where a handful of senior boys compete in hopes to be crowned the next “Mr. Damascus.”

This year’s contestants are Brandon Rivera, Dylan Ramirez, Cam Joyce, Daniel Bidwick, Trevor Metzman, Cole Shapiro, Connor McPhee, Peyton Shoe, and Paul Purkey.

To start the show, the boys perform a dance together, choreographed by the seniors of the Damascus Varisty Pom team. Following this, they will each perform an individual talent, present something under the category ‘Fun in The Sun’, and escort someone of their choice while sharing a memory with them. The show’s introducers- Kim Nardi, Missy Melkonian, Alexis Garrish, and Stephanie Dileo, will be asking the contestants their final question which will also be a contributing factor to their final score.

Judges for the event will be various staff favorites, including Mr. Pissanic, Mr. Sandefur, and Ms. Ciccone. Together they will be compiling their thoughts and will crown the new Mr. Damascus. Of course, there are prizes involved for whichever boy rises to the crown- first place will receive two free prom tickets, second and third will both receive a generous Chipotle gift card. However, the fun doesn’t end there; the students will have the chance to vote for whichever boy was their favorite via mobile phone at the event! Whoever wins this vote will receive the Student Choice Award.

We don’t want to spoil all the fun; be sure to come out and see who will take the crown this year. Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the auditorium doors. We hope to see you at the final hoorah of our spring spirit week here at DHS!